Hazardous environments, restricted access, contamination: whatever the complication, we can develop a rugged and reliable robotics solution that gets the job done fast, and keeps your people out of harms way.


Airborne contaminants, condition monitoring, radiation levels, leak detection, we can make sure you have access to the quantifiable, reliable, and real time data that you need to make critical business and safety decisions.


Data visualisation and analysis, VR/AR training, robotics control interfaces and knowledge management systems. We offer a wide range of software packages to support and complement our other products.

Extreme environments.
Hardened against any hazard.

We understand the needs of industrial users to have robust and reliable equipment that will tolerate high temperatures, full submersion and physical trauma. We have experience in developing solutions for hostile environments, including high radiation levels and corrosive chemicals. Whatever the conditions, we can accommodate for them.

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Designed for decomissioning.
Deployable anywhere.

Restricted access, no line of sight, small diameter penetrations, we can design a solution that will enable the remote deployment of instrumentation or intervention equipment into any location. With ISO standards, IP ratings, ATEX certification and CE marking we can ensure our products meet your regulatory requirements.

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Miniaturised systems.
Compact computation.

Using the latest processors, we can deliver powerful computation whilst keeping size and power consumption to a minimum. Custom electronics and mechanical design allows our systems to retrieve data and perform tasks in previously unreachable locations.

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Agile robotics.
Agile development.

We are equipped to deal with any obstacle or locomotion challenge, whether it needs to walk, fly, swim, crawl or drive, we'll make it happen.

With short development cycles and rapid iteration, we are able to develop technology fast and keep up with the latest industrial challenges. Using a combination of modular design, rapid prototyping, and off-the-shelf hardware, we can deliver novel solutions in weeks, not months.

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Smart software.
Simple user interfaces.

Our broad range of software capabilites allows us to deliver intuitive control interfaces, insightful data analytics, and powerful visualisation tools for our robotics systems. We design at a system level to maximise the utility of modern computer vision, SLAM and machine learning algorithms. AR/VR and video game technologies allow us to keep the humans making the important decisions and the robots doing the heavy lifting.

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